What If We Plant a Tree? Et Si Planter un Arbre

by Josiahpublished on 6 June 2020

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Dans cette activité, nous apprendrons à utiliser Canva.com pour créer une publication ou une affiche sur les médias sociaux afin de montrer notre appréciation d'une femme+ leader qui vous a influencé.

Welcome to the exclusive Brilliant Labs reading of the book "Be A Maker." At 10:00 AM AST / 10:30 AM NDT, our Director of Instructional Design, Jacob Lingley has the pleasure of hosting author Katey Howes as she leads us through a reading of her inspirational children's book.

Please join us in leaving a review for "Be A Maker" on Amazon.ca. https://www.amazon.ca/Be-Maker-Katey-...

**Teacher Professional Learning Opportunity** Also, if you are a teacher Jacob and Katey will be discussing the pedagogical implications of her book on the world of teaching, learning and making. Particular emphasis will be place on the role of making and community-based empathy. Stay tuned to our social media feeds for more information.

In this activity, we will be learning to use the graphic design program, Canva to create a social media post or poster to show appreciation for a woman+ leader that has impacted you.


3 years ago

Ecosystems provide habitats for plants and animals, and support different food chains and food webs. They can be very small and fit in jars, or they can be very large like a forest. Our planet needs healthy ecosystems to survive. How can we ensure that there is enough energy from the sun, clean air and food for our ecosystems to survive? What would happen if one of those parts were missing? What can you do to help our planet stay healthy?

Join Sarah and Lennon as they gather supplies, and build their terrarium.

Rejoignez Sarah et Lennon alors qu'ils rassemblent des provisions et construisent leur terrarium.

Join Kate as she learns how to plant a tree. Where can she get a tree? How will she find the best location to plant her tree? What steps will she take in planting her tree?

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Joignez-vous à Kate pendant qu'elle apprend à planter un arbre. Où peut-elle trouver un arbre? Comment trouvera-t-elle le meilleur endroit pour planter son arbre? Quelles sont les étapes à suivre pour planter son arbre?

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