What a Pickle! / Quelle Marinade!

by Josiahpublished on 2 June 2020

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Dans cette vidéo surveillez Olivia et sa grand-maman nous partager la recette traditionnelle Acadienne : Pet de Soeur

In this video Rachel talks about lobsters and her favorite lobster recipes from where she grew up, on Cape Breton Island.

Join Kate and Sophie as they pick, clean, cook and eat fiddleheads. Where will they find this seasonal food? How will they prepare them? Will they like the taste of this delicious green curled delicacy?

Rejoignez Kate et Sophie alors qu'elles cueillent, nettoient, cuisinent et mangent des têtes de violons. Où trouveront-elles cette nourriture de saison? Comment vont-elles les préparer? Aimeront-elles le goût de cette délicieuse friandise verte et frisée?

Join the Brilliant Labs team and their special guests as they find different ways to code without a computer! We will make our own paper beads and create a binary coded piece of jewelry, learn about code through knot tying, create a secret cypher wheel, code our steps to find a treasure, and invent an if/else board game.

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