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by Josiahpublished on 9 June 2020

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Si votre enfant n'a jamais codé avec Scratch, voyez cette vidéo pour l'aider à démarrer le défi #FunCreatif d'aujourd'hui.

Join Nellie, Brilliant Labs NS Program Specialist, as she gives a 6 minute Micro:bit Educator tutorial. During this video, Nellie will show you how to start a new project and code your Micro:bit. This is a great introduction to the Micro:bit and will give you the confidence you need to start thinking about bringing it to your classroom. Notes from Nellie: 1. visit https://bboard.now.sh/ 2. Click on "New Project", 3. Follow along.


#BLSTEAMCamps Brilliant Labs STEAM Camps Every summer since 2017, thousands and thousands of children from all walks of life have fun creating and innovating, building things, and problem-solving, with crafts and today’s technology at Brilliant Labs’ free STEAM camps across Atlantic Canada. Using design and art-making, computers, digital storytelling, kid-friendly coding, electronics, robotics, rocketry, virtual reality and 3D printing, children learn how to code and develop their digital skills right in their community! Many thanks to community and program partners, libraries, municipalities, youth-serving organizations and recreation centres for partnering with us to support children’s social, emotional and educational development.

Unfortunately, we were not even able to fit all of our STEAM Camp partners and locations in the description!

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Rejoignez Natacha Vautour, animatrice et Michelle Thibault, co-animatrice du chat Twitter en direct

#BrilliantLabsLIVE 19 mars, 20h30.

Sujet : Défi Innovation - Communauté du futur

QUESTIONS:Comment vos élèves peuvent-ils contribuer au développement de communautés durables ?

Comment le défi de l'innovation peut-il être intégré dans vos programmes d'étude ?

Et si ... ?

Join Nellie, Brilliant Labs NS Program Specialist, as she gives a 2 min Micro:bit tutorial. This bite size intro is perfect for educators who only have minutes to spare. Notes from Nellie: 1. visit https://bboard.now.sh/ 2. Click on New Project 3. Now follow along.