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by Josiahpublished on 9 June 2020

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Storytelling begins with a character. Learn how to make fun Egg Carton Characters to create your own story. It could be a puppet show or slow motion animation. This is a great exercise for: language arts, fine motor skills, creativity, speaking and listening, art, materials handling

Le récit commence par un personnage. Apprenez à vous amuser avec des personnages en carton pour créer votre propre histoire. Il peut s’agir d’un spectacle de marionnettes ou d’une animation image par image. C’est un excellent exercice pour : les arts du langage, la motricité fine, la créativité, la parole et l’écoute, l’art et la manipulation de matériaux.

Préparez-vous à créer votre histoire en stop motion en utilisant Google : Stop Motion Animator, Stop Motion Studio App ou Google Slides. Ce sont des programmes gratuits, faciles à utiliser et qui donneront vie à vos objets ou personnages ! Amusez-vous bien et partagez votre nouvelle histoire en stop motion avec nous ! #FunCreatif

oin Gary as he introduces the Brilliant Labs Minecraft server and challenges participants to consider how coral reefs are in danger all over the world due to climate change. One way humans have been helping is by building new structures for coral to grow. In this video Gary walks participants through how to access the Brilliant Labs Minecraft server while considering how to build your own coral reef! Learn more about coral reefs: (Georgia Aquarium Project) If you don't have a mincraft account you will need: Computer, Phone etc Minecraft Software and Account Cost $10 - $40 Register and join the Brilliant Labs Minecraft Server. Minecraft Coral Crafters 4 types of Coral Reefs: Atolls Barrier reefs Patch reefs Fringing reefs Examples of each reef type can be found in the “Function reefs” Minecraft Lesson Plan ( Fringing Reef: South Molokai Barrier Reef: Great Barrier Reef Atoll: Aldabra Atoll Patch Reef: Buck Island Reef Your Challenge 1-pick 1 of the 4 types of reefs for your design 2-design your coral reef including 1 unique addition (innovation, change, new way of building, new material?) 3-screen shot your project and send us a description of how your design was unique.

Get ready to create your stop motion story using Google: Stop Motion Animator, Stop Motion Studio App or Google Slides. These are free programs that are easy to use and will make your objects or characters come to life! Have fun and be sure to share your new stop motion story with us! #MakerFun

Phew - the quality on the overhead cam in the first version of this video didn't exactly inspire brilliance. Now with a new overhead camera, this video is a little easier to follow along to learn how to draw your own circle geometry.

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