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Creating video games using raspberry pi and creating a video arcade to play them on. First the students created video games using the software raspberry pi. Then the students used the raspberry pi device to connect with a monitor, joystick and game buttons. Once that was accomplished, the students used cardboard boxes to make consoles to house the joystick, buttons as raspberry pi device.


2 years ago
My ColourBot has a battery-powered toothbrush to move the robot around and my robot makes designs on paper. I collected my materials and then I began putting my project together. I was going use a pool noodle but it didn't move well so I used paper cups instead. I taped a toothbrush to the inside of the bottom cup and then I taped three markers to the outside of the bottom cup. I made a face and I used pipe cleaners for arms on another cup. I taped both of the cups together and then I cut up pieces of yarn to make hair. My mom helped me hot-glue the hair on to the top of my robot.
We used new technology to make a model of tanks and to give information about World War One. We first planned out the project by brainstorming together. We made a layout of the model and did research on the computer. We then collected materials from around the house and the yard. First we built the Ozobot track then made the battle field around it. Lastly, we made the poster board by printing the information and cutting it out, arranging it on the board, then gluing it down.
Students were to create an automatic bubble blower, it turned out an automatic bubble wand contraption for students to blow bubbles. Students learned how to code to make the motors run. Then created their prototype. Many changes had to be made with the propeller part, in the end, students choose to opt-out of the propeller part and use younger kids to blow the bubbles. Regardless, students had fun creating!