Mobile constellaire

by Josiahpublished on 7 June 2020

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In this video join Jacob and learn how you can become a steward of our galaxy as he walks you through the creation and design of a constellation mobile.

Créer un prototype 3D de l'invention/solution de débris spatiaux créé dans le cadre du #FunCréatif de ce matin.esoin d'une leçon rapide sur le Tinkercad?

Voir l'impression ici:

Regardez notre vidéo sur les compétences numériques Tinkercad

Construct a constellation mobile using natural items found outside and around your neighbourhood.

Construisez un mobile d'une constellation en utilisant des objets naturels trouvés à l'extérieur et autour de votre quartier.

Create a 3D prototype of the space debris invention / solution designed in the morning Maker Fun Challenge.

Watch it print here:

Need a quick lesson in Tinkercad? Check out our Digital Skills Tinkercad video:

Caitlin and Megan are grade 5 students at Brookside Intermediate Portugal Cove - St. Philip's, NL, who took the Makerfun# "Make Something With Cardboard" challenge. We would like to introduce you to: Joe made from cardboard and programed with Scratch using a Makey-Makey and mobility support from Dash! Thank you for sharing and we hope you will share your #MakerFun projects with us too! You can post them on Facebook or Twitter, or email them to for us to upload to our social media channels!