Light and Colour | MakerFun Episode 8

by Jeff Willsonpublished on 30 July 2020

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Welcome to part 18 of my Web Development course, where we go over basic web fundamentals, and create a blog.

As schools and communities adapt to the new ways of teaching and learning, how can we expand students' engagement and creativity in virtual classrooms? How can we integrate design-based and passion-driven experiences in the curriculum? Join us to brainstorm strategies that amplify students' and teachers' motivation and creativity. Let us explore ways to promote meaningful connections, bridging the distance learning gap.
Montrez et partagez vos idées et réflexions pour concevoir et faciliter des expériences d'apprentissage créatives dans des classes et des communautés diverses. Nous vous invitons à parler d'un projet que vous avez déjà réalisé, d'un projet en cours ou d'un futur projet potentiel. Comment vos projets vont-ils évoluer dans les nouveaux environnements d'apprentissage à distance ?

Episode 9 is all about exploring the workforce! We have some fun making shakers and Rube Goldberg Machines, plus special guests join us all throughout the episode to tell us about their jobs and what they do for their careers!

Learn how to capture your creativity on film. In this session our brilliant hosts John and Nellie will show you some accessible techniques your plain point and shoot camera holding to fancy point and shoot camera holding. No new equipment required. Look out YouTube!

Welcome to part 17 of my Web Development course, where we go over basic web fundamentals, and create a blog.

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