Créons des mélodies avec les sons de la nature

by Josiahpublished on 7 June 2020

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For today's Digital Skill, we will explore the benefits of using a virtual prototyping space (TinkerCAD Circuits) for complex circuits like the one found inside the child's telephone toy in this intro. Following this overview of why this toy telephone is being deconstructed, head over to this LINK HERE so my colleague John can take you through how to get started with TinkerCAD Circuits.

Music can be found in all known cultures, past and present. All the peoples of the world have created forms of music.

In addition, nature itself offers its own music!

Have you ever listened to the sounds that nature offers us?

In today's digital skills activity, we will learn two things. First, listening to sounds in nature, especially those of a variety of birds, high and low pitched sounds, short and long sounds.

The second part will be to learn how to use the concepts of music creation with Chrome Lab to integrate bird sounds and create a melody.

Aujourd'hui, nous explorerons les avantages de l'utilisation d'un espace de prototypage virtuel (TinkerCAD Circuits) pour les circuits complexes comme celui que l'on trouve dans le jouet téléphonique de l'enfant dans cette introduction. Après cet aperçu des raisons pour lesquelles ce téléphone jouet est en cours de déconstruction, passez à ce lien a la fin de la video pour que mon collègue John puisse vous expliquer comment démarrer avec les circuits TinkerCAD.

Using an exploration journal in nature is such a simple and yet meaningful habit. Join Michelle for this short video that explains why, how and what to use as an exploration journal. In this time of physical distancing, discovering nature is an educational activity that links learning, physical and psychological well-being in addition to the development of a tons of skills that allow children of all ages to grow up while being aware of their environmental impact. Do you have an exploration journal? Share us images, identifying #NaturalMakerSpace or #MakerFun. We like to be inspired by your projects.

L'utilisation d'un journal d.exploration en nature est une habitude si simple et pourtant tellement significative. Joignez Michelle pour cette courte vidéo qui explique pourquoi, comment et quoi utiliser comme journal d'exploration. En cette période d'isolation, découvrir la nature est une activité pédagogique qui relie apprentissages, mieux-être physique et psychologique en plus du développement d'une foule de compétences qui permettent aux enfants de tout âges de grandir en étant conscients de leur impact environnemental. Avez-vous un journal d'exploration? Partagez nous des images, en identifiant #LaboCreatifNaturel ou #FunCreatif. On aime s'inspirer de vos projets.

Time Capsule

3 years ago

Today is the perfect day to get outside and capture a moment in time! Join eight-year-old Hunter, from Nova Scotia, as he shares how you can make your very own time capsule. All you need is a waterproof container (Glass jars don’t work well outside.If you’re hiding it in your home, any container will do!) things that you love and will remind you of these moments in time. For example: write a letter, store receipts, photographs, articles, or anything else you think will help future generations understand what life was like for a kid in 2020. After you finish your time capsule project why not create a Scratch game to mark your steps and create a map to find your capsule in the future!