Créez un composteur de jardin

by Josiahpublished on 9 June 2020

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Join Christine as she shows us how to use photography to express a point of view. Using FotoJet, a free online photography collage tool, you will learn how to express your point of view about a issue that is important to you, your family or community. By the end of this tutorial you will learn more about taking good photos, the power of perspective, the Rule of Thirds, and how to to use FotoJet to create impactful collages.

Online tools to create a photo collage:

Google Photos:

Pic Collage:



Creating a collage

TIps for Photos A 10 Minute Lesson to Photographing Images with More Pizzazz

Perspective in Photography: Tips For Beautiful Photos

Rule of Thirds

Les images peuvent être puissantes et contribuer à faire passer votre point de vue afin de lancer un appel à l'action. C'est une communication conçue pour obtenir une réponse immédiate de la part de la personne qui la lit, la regarde ou l'entend. Dans cette vidéo, Christine examine comment nous pouvons utiliser la photographie pour exprimer un point de vue sur une question qui est importante pour vous, votre famille ou votre communauté afin de créer un Photovoice à l'aide de FotoJet, un créateur de collages de photos en ligne.

Outils en ligne pour créer un collage de photos

Google Photos:

Pic Collage:



Utilisez la perspective dans vos photos

La composition et la règle des tiers

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In this five minute video learn how to open and create a Scratch game and create a sprite. You will learn to set the scene for this scratch game by creating backdrops and designing your sprite. This is part 1 of a 5 part video series.

Join John for today’s #MakerFun: Composting for beginners! In our effort to reduce food waste entering our landfills, we can reduce and reuse this material as compost. Along with lessons about what to compost, you and your caregivers can build your own backyard composting space. Let's get started!

Here are some considerations:


Distance from kitchen

Sun exposure

Water source

Soil source


The composter will be open on one side for access, but enclosed on three sides to contain the soil and compost mixture. You will also need some sort of middle divider after your first year to separate our “fresh” compost from “aged” compost.

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