Create Egg Carton Characters

by Josiahpublished on 9 June 2020

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Get ready to create your stop motion story using Google: Stop Motion Animator, Stop Motion Studio App or Google Slides. These are free programs that are easy to use and will make your objects or characters come to life! Have fun and be sure to share your new stop motion story with us! #MakerFun

Tu es à tes débuts avec Scratch? Viens découvrir les blocs permettant de créer des boucles simples.

Phew - the quality on the overhead cam in the first version of this video didn't exactly inspire brilliance. Now with a new overhead camera, this video is a little easier to follow along to learn how to draw your own circle geometry.

Préparez-vous à créer votre histoire en stop motion en utilisant Google : Stop Motion Animator, Stop Motion Studio App ou Google Slides. Ce sont des programmes gratuits, faciles à utiliser et qui donneront vie à vos objets ou personnages ! Amusez-vous bien et partagez votre nouvelle histoire en stop motion avec nous ! #FunCreatif

Writing stories can help youth share their feelings, while teaching them valuable literacy skills. In this short tutorial Sarah visually shares how to create a story. Watch and create your own! Don't forget to share it with us on any of our Brilliant Labs social media channels.

Tu aimerais programmer en français? Voici comment changer la langue de travail dans Scratch.

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