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by Josiahpublished on 9 June 2020

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Découvrez la plateform de design 3d Rejoignez-nous pour une session de découverte de la plateforme Tinkercad. Connectez-vous à afin de vous créer un compte et débutez. C’est gratuit ! C’est une excellente activité d’apprentissage numérique pour tous ceux qui aiment la conception. #FunCreatif Pour plus d’informations sur l’apprentissage en ligne, visitez

Join Jacob Lingley while he and his special guests, Mary Webber and Natacha Vautour demonstrate how to draw the inspiring Circle of Life with nothing more than a compass. Then take your new knowledge of fractals and reimagine them using CodeBlocks in TinkerCAD. This bilingual presentation will explore the intersection of math, artistic expression and technology.

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Create a Scratch game. Join Colin for a step-by-step digital learning session. Everything you need is right here and all pictures for this tutorial are in Scratch. This is a great digital learning activity for anyone who has used Scratch a little in the past and wants to take it up a notch. Visit and Have fun! #MakerFun For more online learning visit