Apprendre Adobe Spark

by Josiahpublished on 9 June 2020

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Join Nellie from Brilliant Labs as she demonstrates how you can hand-sew cotton face masks for yourself or to donate to a local medical centre.

Based on the video by Dr. Jennifer Tessmer-Tuck and on the recommendation of Dr. Theresa Tam, here is an easy cotton mask with a filter pouch you can make in under an hour without a sewing machine!

Your message or cause for change, whether it be in your community or a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG), is important. You will want to create images and videos that will spark emotion and create a Call to Action. In this video, you'll learn how to use Adobe Spark, a free to use software, that will help you develop beautiful engaging videos that will motivate others to join your movement, share your message or support the needs of others. Learn more about the U.N. SDGs

Get Adobe Spark:


Adobe Spark on iOS:

How to use Adobe Spark to Create a Video (Desktop Version):

Resources for Media Assets

Creative Commons / Royalty Free Photos:

Join us as we introduce "Blackout" poetry. This #MakerFun activity is an opportunity to learn about this special form poetry while allowing makers to create beautiful art. To learn more about Blackout poetry visit:

Venez créer un jeu dans Scratch. Vidéo originale de Colin, cette vidéo est une excellente activité d'apprentissage numérique pour tous ceux qui ont un peu d'expérience avec la programmation Scratch et qui veulent enrichir leur connaissance.

Join Wylie as he introduces viewers to Scratch. In this video you will learn how to login into Scratch, create a project and build your very first Scratch game. Visit to begin.

L’animation image par image est une ressource à utiliser aves les élèves qui leur premet d’être imaginatifs. Ils peuvent animer des dessins en carton, de la pâte à modeler et même n’importe lequel objet. Ce type d’ animation est une façon simple pour animer des vidéos comiques et captivants. Les interfaces sont faciles à utiliser. La patience est cependant de mise afin de faire des longs métrages.

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