Covid-19 research report provides the details about how the pandemic started and how virus imapct on Human body. The research report concludes with recommendation how can we prevent the spread of next Pandemic. The various authentic information secondary sources are used to compile the research
This project is to know available sources of electricity generation and be innovative to get eco-friendly sources of electricity generation to reduce carbon footprint using electricity and magnetism kit, researching various secondary sources to get the details

My Robot

2 years ago
I made a bboard robot that drives with the controller. 1. I coded the microbit to control the wheel. 2. I created a remote with another microbit using a radio signal. 3. I then created 3d design that the servo wheel would fit in. I had to try a few times. I added some googly eyes for a finishing touch."
Creating video games using raspberry pi and creating a video arcade to play them on. First the students created video games using the software raspberry pi. Then the students used the raspberry pi device to connect with a monitor, joystick and game buttons. Once that was accomplished, the students used cardboard boxes to make consoles to house the joystick, buttons as raspberry pi device.

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