3D Animals

3 years ago
We designed animals using 3D shapes and printed them in 3D We used a website called tinkercad and created animals out of 3D shapes and printed them off in our classroom
Our project involves a cross-curricular application of creative problem solving through 3D design. Students learned the basics of Tinkercad and 3D design. They each selected an animal to learn about and design. Students had the opportunity to engage in writing projects and apply geometric principles in addition to learning new technological skills.
Créer une bande dessinée sur les Objectifs de développement durable "* Explorer les Objectifs de développement durable * Sensibiliser les autres * Créations de super-héros et super-héroïnes * Atelier avec bédéiste :Camille Perron-Cormier * Création de la bd dans procreate * Développement d'une micro-entreprise de logos et cartes de souhaits"
I wanted to recreate Cabot Tower in my favourite game, Minecraft. "First I went up to Cabot Tower and took a look. Then I figured out how to make it in Minecraft, the cubic game. So I did. I started off with clearing off a mountain. Trust me, it was a long process. Second of all, I started to fill out the land areas I would build on. It was ridiculously boring. Then, I started building up the walls using stone and dispensers. I put Illiger banners and trap doors and ladders and an iron door with a stone button. The stone button was a bad idea. It took me a while to get through the door. The canons were fun to make. The snowball shooter was not that cool, but the Firemaker 3000 was very cool to make. I used a lever and a dispenser to make the canon. I also had to use red stone dust and piston."
La création d'un instrument de musique en 3D On s’est inspiré de différents modèles d’instruments de musique sur Internet. Ensuite, nous avons choisi un instrument ou un mélange d’instruments et on a utilisé du carton pour construire la base de l’instrument, la peinture, des punaises, du ruban en cuivre, et le Makey Makey / Scratch pour coder l’instrument à jouer selon l’instrument choisi.
La création de jeux de société pour promouvoir la langue française dans notre communauté scolaire. J’ai commencé en regardant différents prototypes / designs de planches de crib sur Internet. Ensuite, j’ai pensé à quelques designs qui pourraient bien représenter l’école et notre communauté. J’ai dû apprendre comment utiliser la découpeuse laser “Glowforge” et comment utiliser un logiciel de design, Inkscape, afin de faire le design en fichiers .SVG. Après plusieurs essais et erreurs ainsi qu’une variété de prototypes, j’ai terminé avec trois designs uniques qui représentent notre école et notre communauté. J’ai aussi utilisé l’imprimante 3D afin de créer les bâtonnets pour les planches de crib.

LED Lightsaber

3 years ago
What if I combined two things I love into a fun project? "I created the lightsaber with fluorescent light tube packaging, a strip of neopixels, some paint, some wires and electronics, and 3D printed pieces. First, I coded the neopixels to turn on and off with a pin press using a Bboard and microbit. I then modeled the hilt using Tinkercad and 3D printed it in several pieces. Next, I painted the plastic with acrylic paint and paint markers, then coated it with modge podge to both seal in the paint and give it a more matte and glossy finish. I used hot glue to hold the plastic together and soldered the wires together, and did the same with an on/off switch. I attached the wires to the Bboard, as they did not need to be soldered into place. Lastly, the tube fitted snugly into the rainguard, finishing the lightsaber."

LEO Project

3 years ago
LEO is an intelligent art installation that would serve as a signal light for the Riverview Arts Center to signal the end of intermission, but to also serve as interactive art in the RHS foyer. The intelligent chandelier will be made out of laser cut acrylic with LEDs controlled by custom made SAI boards and Rapsberry zeros.

The aMAZEing

3 years ago
https://blvr.ca/LgRWuEf/admired-infatuated-adventure create a virtualA maze that students could play in the Oculus quest 2. Made it in BLVR.ca this is a website to create a virtual world. We made it on a PC but it was made to play in the oculus quest 2. We first did a paper version of the maze and then create it bloc by bloc on the website.

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