Learn how to code the Fibonacci sequence with Scratch! How can you change the code to make different patterns? Can you replicate another pattern from nature?

Writing stories can help youth share their feelings, while teaching them valuable literacy skills. In this short tutorial Sarah visually shares how to create a www.storyboardthat.com story. Watch and create your own! Don't forget to share it with us on any of our Brilliant Labs social media channels.

Dans cette vidéo, nous allons terminer notre jeu sur l'empreinte écologique.

Nous allons créer une scène et des questions sur notre empreinte écologique en lien avec notre routine pour aller à l’école. À la fin de la vidéo, vous aurez ajouté la toile de fond de la fin et testé votre nouveau jeu Scratch. Il s'agit de la cinquième partie d'une série de cinq vidéos.




Time Capsule

3 years ago

Today is the perfect day to get outside and capture a moment in time! Join eight-year-old Hunter, from Nova Scotia, as he shares how you can make your very own time capsule. All you need is a waterproof container (Glass jars don’t work well outside.If you’re hiding it in your home, any container will do!) things that you love and will remind you of these moments in time. For example: write a letter, store receipts, photographs, articles, or anything else you think will help future generations understand what life was like for a kid in 2020. After you finish your time capsule project why not create a Scratch game to mark your steps and create a map to find your capsule in the future!

TinkerCAD signup

3 years ago

Quick tinkercad signup instructions

For today's Digital Skill, we will explore the benefits of using a virtual prototyping space (TinkerCAD Circuits) for complex circuits like the one found inside the child's telephone toy in this intro. Following this overview of why this toy telephone is being deconstructed, head over to this LINK HERE so my colleague John can take you through how to get started with TinkerCAD Circuits.


Your message or cause for change, whether it be in your community or a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG), is important. You will want to create images and videos that will spark emotion and create a Call to Action. In this video, you'll learn how to use Adobe Spark, a free to use software, that will help you develop beautiful engaging videos that will motivate others to join your movement, share your message or support the needs of others. Learn more about the U.N. SDGs https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/

Get Adobe Spark: https://spark.adobe.com/

Make: https://spark.adobe.com/make/video-ma...

Adobe Spark on iOS: https://youtu.be/Q2oyYMTjDQg

How to use Adobe Spark to Create a Video (Desktop Version):


Resources for Media Assets

Creative Commons / Royalty Free Photos:



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