Remember to make this work effectively over the internet you need a DNS name "mapped" to your external IP . . . and you need to configure your router to pass the appropriate ports to your internal IP address. SOME Links :-)

Create a Scratch game. Join Colin for a step-by-step digital learning session. Everything you need is right here and all pictures for this tutorial are in Scratch. This is a great digital learning activity for anyone who has used Scratch a little in the past and wants to take it up a notch. Visit and Have fun! #MakerFun For more online learning visit


Do you need pointers for participating in twitter chats? Watch this quick video for tips and tricks to start using tweetdeck for twitter chats.


Welcome to part 4 of my Web Development course, where we go over basic web fundamentals, and create a blog.


Welcome to part 2 of my Web Development course, where we go over basic web fundamentals, and create a blog.

Apprenez à coder la séquence de Fibonacci avec Scratch ! Comment modifier le code pour créer des motifs différents ? Pouvez-vous reproduire un autre modèle de la nature ?

Light is important to our lives, but too much light can have negative results. This is called: Light Pollution, which is the brightening of the night sky caused by street lights and other man-made sources. Light pollution can be disruptive and have a negative effect on natural cycles, habitats and sky-gazers. In this video Christine takes a look at the effect light pollution has on the Atlantic Puffin. She explains how baby puffins leave their nest to float in the Atlantic Ocean for up to 3 years. Their journey starts at night to avoid predators. Unfortunately, light pollution from coastal communities is distracting and takes them off course. To help solve this problem, and many like it, Christine shows viewers how to download and install the Science Journal App from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded viewers will learn how to use this app to design, create and conduct their own light level experiment in their own community. Think about: why we are investigating light levels, consider your own use of light and any intended and unintended consequences of light use. Download & Learn: below are two links to help you download the Google Science Journal app and get started with your experiment.

Computers have the ability to process information much faster than humans. What if they could be taught to learn like we can? Today’s video is all about creating models that can help our code to learn about different hand signals that represent peace.

We will be using the mBlock website to create our code:

We will be teaching our code using a technique called “supervised learning”, but there are other types of machine learning. To learn more about this interesting subject you can watch this video:

Today we will create a skyline animation using the parallax effect. It is this effect that gives many of your favourite video games and animations their feeling of movement. Our character will look like they are moving through the animation, but we will really be moving background layers at different speeds to create a realistic movement effect.

Today’s Digital Skill is all about learning some of the languages that computers use to make websites. We will be using notepad++ to write code in HTML and CSS to build our very own website.

Pour la compétence numérique d'aujourd'hui, nous utiliserons Scratch pour créer un message d'intérêt public interactif sur la Journée de la Terre afin de faire passer un message sur l'action climatique ou la protection des océans. Les messages d'intérêt public sont des vidéos créées pour attirer l'attention du public et modifier ses attitudes et son comportement face à un problème social.

Aujourd'hui, notre thème se concentre sur l'objectif 14 des ODD de l'ONU : La vie sous l'eau.

Des océans et des mers en bonne santé sont essentiels à notre existence : ils couvrent 70 % de notre planète et nous en dépendons pour notre alimentation, notre énergie et notre eau. Pourtant, nous avons réussi à causer d'énormes dégâts à ces précieuses ressources. Nous devons les protéger en éliminant la pollution et la surpêche et commencer tout de suite à gérer et à protéger de manière responsable toute la vie marine dans le monde. L'objectif 14 comporte plusieurs cibles visant à mettre en place des mesures de conservation et d'utilisation durable des océans.

oin Gary as he introduces the Brilliant Labs Minecraft server and challenges participants to consider how coral reefs are in danger all over the world due to climate change. One way humans have been helping is by building new structures for coral to grow. In this video Gary walks participants through how to access the Brilliant Labs Minecraft server while considering how to build your own coral reef! Learn more about coral reefs: (Georgia Aquarium Project) If you don't have a mincraft account you will need: Computer, Phone etc Minecraft Software and Account Cost $10 - $40 Register and join the Brilliant Labs Minecraft Server. Minecraft Coral Crafters 4 types of Coral Reefs: Atolls Barrier reefs Patch reefs Fringing reefs Examples of each reef type can be found in the “Function reefs” Minecraft Lesson Plan ( Fringing Reef: South Molokai Barrier Reef: Great Barrier Reef Atoll: Aldabra Atoll Patch Reef: Buck Island Reef Your Challenge 1-pick 1 of the 4 types of reefs for your design 2-design your coral reef including 1 unique addition (innovation, change, new way of building, new material?) 3-screen shot your project and send us a description of how your design was unique.

Musical Sonic Pi

3 years ago

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own unique piece of music? What emotions or themes will your music send to others?

In today's digital skill, we will create a piece of music with new and different sounds in whatever style you choose. Many different effects can be used and the choices of sounds, sequences, amplitudes and variances will create a unique piece that you can share with friends and family.

This digital skill meets the requirements of the Brilliant Labs Multi media badge.

Get ready to create your stop motion story using Google: Stop Motion Animator, Stop Motion Studio App or Google Slides. These are free programs that are easy to use and will make your objects or characters come to life! Have fun and be sure to share your new stop motion story with us! #MakerFun

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